Advent Calendars?!? Isn't it August??

As I sit in my Air Conditioned house wearing a tank top and short shorts, the temperature gauge outside in the Southern Oregon August evening still reads 95 degrees Fahrenheit. We're nowhere near fall weather, let alone winter!

And yet, next to me on my deceptively tidy dining table is a mock up of our Aromatherapy Advent Calendar, a project I've been consumed with entirely for two months and partially for over a year. 

It all started in fall 2021 when I decided that 25 Days of Aromatherapy sounded like a fun product to include in my busy season of Candles, Candles, and more Candles. (Apparently y'all don't bathe in the winter, cuz Bath products are chilling on the shelves all winter).

So I decided to place an order for 10 DIY Advent Calendars, unsure if I would be able to sell even one. I didn't have time, help, or the budget to make all the products ahead of time and photograph, so I simply posted a picture of the empty box with some samples to give folks a sense of what they were buying. Expectations were low.

I opened the sale with a simple email to my small list of loyal customers. and, I SOLD OUT! In a week?! BEFORE HALLOWEEN!

I immediately returned to the site where I ordered the boxes to get more, restock, and planned to sell more! They were sold out. Their competitors were sold out. Every shop on the planet was still reeling from Covid AND that dang boat getting stuck in the Suez Canal didn't help. 

So I kissed my 4 month old baby goodnight in his dad's arms, hopped in my car, and drove all around the neighboring towns trying to score some Advent Calendar Boxes. After begging a few high schoolers who drew the unlucky straws of working late night at the craft store, I was able to find, on the very tippy top shelf, only 5 more boxes. 

I listed the additional boxes and within a few days they were gone too. On October 31st, 2021 I closed out the sales and realization struck: 15 boxes sold. 25 days each. That's 375 mini versions of my best selling Aromatherapy products that needed custom jars, custom labels, production, packaging, and shipping by NO LATER than mid November in order to arrive with plenty of time for you to start your Self Care Countdown on December 1st. 

Somehow I made it happen, and the response was AMAZING! Folks were posting their new products every day, and while I couldn't make more kits even if I wanted to last year, the love filled me up and got my gears in motion!

This year, I'm ready. I reached out to my own packaging producers to ensure I have direct access to Advent Calendar Boxes. I hired a local laser woodcutting shop to custom create unique fittings for new Holiday products. I hired a Virtual Assistant / Marketing Strategist / Graphic Designer to run the shop from her computer screen. I've collected other Candle Makers, Soap Pourers, and Herbalists from around Ashland, Oregon, all ready to step in and get to making!

Now all we need, is you. 

So, yes, it is WAY too early to be worrying about Christmas stuff. But better early, than never.

Shop our 2022 Aromatherapy Advent Calendar Pre-Sale today to join the Festivities!



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