Guided Journaling for Mental Health

  • 10 Prompts to Practice Positive Thinking

     A positive mindset is one of the greatest sources of power on earth. It's how Wendy and Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are able to fly (faith, trust, and pixie dust). It's what powers Harry Potter's Patronus (take that Dementors!). And it is the constant refrain of all would be life coaches: think positive!

    Practicing how to cultivate thoughts that are positive, kind, helpful, curious, and useful isn't as easy as waving a magic wand. It requires practice!

  • 9 Prompts to Stop Negative Thoughts!

    Do you find yourself dwelling on the negative? Is it hard to let go of your anxious thoughts, frustrations, and anger?

    It's time to detox your mind!

    Stopping negative thoughts is easier said than done, so you'll need to practice. 

  • 8 Prompts on Focusing your Mental Energy!

    Do you ever feel like your mind is buzzing with too many thoughts? Do you find yourself believing the worst in yourself and others? Is it hard to feel at peace in your own mind? 

    Your Mental Energy is out of whack!

    Think of your mind like a plot of land and your thoughts as plants. Some plants are welcome and bring you joy: Sunflowers, Willow Trees, Clovers. Other plants are scratchy or ugly or have pollen that irritates your allergies: thorny vines, weeds, thistles.

    Just as you must tend to the land, planting more of your favorite plants and removing those that aren't serving you, so too must you tend to your Mental Energy. Remove the thoughts that are harming you, and invite helpful thoughts to take root!