Advent Calendars for Adults in 2022: why we do them

Advent calendars for adults is an idea that some people know and love, while others have never considered it. And no, this isn't about adult adult advent calendars. Those are fun too, but you won't find them here. 

Okay, let's put aside for now how an advent calendar is the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone that already has it all or for whom you want to impress, but have no idea what to get. Children have a near-monopoly on December advent calendars, and Awaken Arts + Wellness thinks that should change! 

What makes our calendars for "adults?" As always, our products are not meant to just be something you can use on your skin! Our aromatherapy products are designed to fit self care into your life, whether you can block out an hour for yourself or not.

Each and every product that comes with this advent calendar comes with self care inspiration, wellness tips, and loving ideas to incorporate into your daily life. Have we mentioned that all of our wellness tips and mental health ideas come from a certified mental health professional? Self care is literally what we do. 

It is easy to decide in a moment that we want to practice more self care–it is more difficult to keep up! And feeling inspired to practice self care? Just sounds exhausting. 

Our advent calendars make self care a joyous part of the day! Discover new ways to love yourself, without depleting your own resources, all the while counting down to Christmas 2022. 

If the idea of a self care advent calendar for 2022 feels too touchy-feely, don't worry. The act of opening up these 24 presents, one every day, is self care enough! We think so, at least. 

With our hand poured, scented candles and sugar scrubs, you might confuse this for a beauty advent calendar! Those are awesome too, but that's not quite right. It certainly is a bath advent calendar, but we like to think it is so much more. Every self care idea that we include has been crafted in conjunction with the scent of that aromatherapy product. It is so much more than an advent calendar–it is a whole experience.

There has been so much time put into this creative advent calendar, we cannot wait to share it all with you. Custom packaging has been designed this year, the better to pull you into the Awaken Arts + Wellness world! 

Our aromatherapy advent calendars feature 24 days of goodies. Depending on which advent calendar type you decide on, you could have anything from essential oils, to sugar body scrubs, to bar soaps, to solid bubble bath, to bath salts, scented candles, and maybe even a surprise here and there.

We got our favorite winter and holiday scents directly from our subscribers, so get excited for custom scents like Christmas tree farm, peppermint bark, candy canes, sugar cookies, cinnamon, and more. Frankly, these fragrances aren't often bottled, but you get them with us. Our Christmas advent calendars are just one way to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas... we will be sharing free ways to celebrate with the Awaken Arts + Wellness family as we get closer to the date.

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