If you find yourself starting a new arts and crafts hobby every time you go into your craft space, the Art Activity Subscription Kit is for you!

  • Each subscription kit comes with all the materials you need to complete this new project once or twice, and none of the excess that makes you feel guilty for never picking it up again.

Lean into sensory self-care with an Aromatherapy Subscription Kit!

  • With three unique aromatherapy products each month, you will find something that awakens more wellness in your daily routine. Simply follow your nose to greater self-care!

If you can’t relax because your mind is filled with a tornado of thoughts, our Journaling Subscription Kit was made for you!

  • Featuring mental health themed activities for your journal as well as unique stickers from queer-, black-, Asian-, and women-owned sticker shops, this kit is sure to help organize your mind!
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