10 Prompts to Practice Positive Thinking

 A positive mindset is one of the greatest sources of power on earth. It's how Wendy and Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are able to fly (faith, trust, and pixie dust). It's what powers Harry Potter's Patronus (take that Dementors!). And it is the constant refrain of all would be life coaches: think positive!

Practicing how to cultivate thoughts that are positive, kind, helpful, curious, and useful isn't as easy as waving a magic wand. It requires practice!

Grab your Journal, gather your stickers and art supplies, turn on some upbeat music, and spritz your space with your favorite scents

It's time to think positive!


Create a place inside yourself where you can be calm, present, and focused. 

Imagine a place of perfect comfort ☀️🌿🦋

Close your eyes, and envision a place where you feel exactly right. You aren't worried or busy, you aren't in pain, and you have all the time you need to rest.

What does that place look like? Is it busy, or empty? Is it outside in nature, or inside a building? Does it have a scent? A taste? A sound?

Now open your eyes, and without worrying about artistic skills, try and capture the feeling of that place in your Journal.

You can write about the place, or draw it, or create it with stickers, or all the above. What matters is that when you look at this page in your Journal you will remember that perfect place of comfort within you.

Practice picturing it in your mind, and let it be a safe space for you to go when the rest of your mind feels unhelpful.

Be at home there. You deserve it!


"The greatest gift is the ability to forget. To forget the bad things and focus on the good." -Joe Biden

You don't have to carry around all the bad that's ever happened ✨

While it is important to learn from our pasts and heal from our traumatic experiences, it is also okay to move beyond them!

Leave behind the pains that can be abandoned. Allow yourself to forget them, trusting that you are safe now.

This might feel really hard.

Try journaling about the following questions:

If you could wipe one bad experience from your mind forever, what would it be? How would your life moving forward be different without those memories?

Trust that you know best which bad things are ready to be forgotten, and which must be remembered. 📖


"I don't eat junk foods and I don't think junk thoughts." -Peace Pilgrim

What are you feeding your mind? 🧠

In your Journal start a list of thoughts that feed your mind, that keep it running smoothly, and bring it energy to thrive. These are your healthy food options!

Start a second list of thoughts that make you and your mind feel down, slow, sluggish, and sick. These junk food thoughts are not serving you, so start cutting them out of your diet!

Optional: decorate with junk food stickers! 🍔 🌭🥤


"We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words." -Jane Fonda

Do you always say exactly what you're thinking? 🤔

Most people don't, filtering what they choose to say based on their understanding of the social context and what's appropriate and helpful.

If you can filter your thoughts enough not to put them into words, why not filter your thoughts before they take root in your mind?

Try writing out some of the prevalent thoughts that flow through your mind, and next to it put what you ACTUALLY believe to be true. Are they different?


What time of day do you find your mind filled with positive or helpful thoughts?

Listen to yourself, you're worth it! ✨

Do you wake up in the best mood, thinking about all the best parts of your day to come?

Do you hit your stride at lunch, belly full of delicious food to fuel your mind?

Do you reflect with joy at the end of the day on all your efforts, accomplishments, and qualities?

If you aren't sure, consider when in your day you feel most called to Journal. Those are likely times that your mind feels ready and willing to slow down and think! 📖


When you think positively about yourself, whose voice do you hear?

Listen to the voices within! 📣

Do you hear your own voice? The voice of a loved one? A voice not tied to reality?

If you find it hard to think positively about yourself, try imagining the voice of a friend, loved one, or beloved celebrity speaking to you!

What would they say to you to cheer you on? 📣


"Don't worry about failure, because failure will take care of itself. Focus on success." -Henry Cavill

Not all thoughts warrant the same amount of attention ☁️✨

Open to a fresh page in your Journal and make some time for open ended writing.

Here's the challenge: only write about what it would be like to achieve your goals, to succeed in everything you're currently working toward, and to feel positively about all aspects of your life.

When doubt or negativity creep in, pause, let them go, and continue writing about success!

Let this writing practice stretch your mind and challenge your intrusive thoughts, strengthening your mind as you lean into focus. You deserve it!


You write the script that your mind reads back to you! How do you want to speak to yourself?

Quiet on the set! 🎬

Practice thinking kindly about yourself even if you don't believe all those nice things right away.

Just going through the motions of saying nice things in your mind will help train your brain to prioritize thoughts that are positive.

So hype yourself up!

Try writing out a pep talk in your Journal that you can read back to yourself anytime your thoughts are speaking negatively.

Share your script below! 🎥


"A little kingdom I possess, where thoughts and feelings dwell; and very hard the task I find of governing it well." -Louisa May Alcott

🎨 Create a Garden of Positive Thoughts 🌿

Gather your favorite creative supplies for your Journal (scrapbook paper, ephemera, stickers, washi tape, watercolor, markers) and make space for beauty!

Fill your pages with the positive thoughts, feelings, mantras, and affirmations that you wish circulated in your mind every day. Create your own little kingdom in your journal to reflect the mental space you want to occupy in your life.

Govern and decorate with colors, words, or images that help you feel your heart and mind aligned! 🌿


Make a list of all the nice things anyone has said about you. Read them into your mind, and feed your positive thoughts.

It's time to plant some happy thoughts! 🌻

Many people find it difficult to think positively about themselves. You're not alone!

As you begin practicing how to bring positive thoughts into your mind more often, lean on the positive statements of others to get started!

Write out every compliment you can remember about yourself, even the ones you don't think are "true." (p.s. that's probably just your insecurity talking, but it's okay!)

Gather your favorite decorative elements for your journal (stickers, washi tape, markers) and bring those positive thoughts to life! 🎨


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