9 Prompts to Stop Negative Thoughts!

Do you find yourself dwelling on the negative? Is it hard to let go of your anxious thoughts, frustrations, and anger?

It's time to detox your mind!

Stopping negative thoughts is easier said than done, so you'll need to practice. 

Grab your Journal, gather your stickers, change into some comfy pajamas, and roll on your favorite Essential Oils.

Let's do this!



When negative thoughts about yourself come to mind, whose voice is that?

Listen to the hater just long enough to name 'em! 🙅🏽‍♀️

Does the voice in your head sound like you? Or is it a family member? An ex? A voice you've never met?

Listen to who it sounds like, and you might learn something about where those negative ideas are coming from.

No matter whose voice it is, you can choose not to believe every negative thought about yourself.

In your Journal, draw a line down your page to divide it in half. On the left side, write down some of the negative thoughts you hear. On the right, respond!

Tell that voice you don't agree, they're wrong, and that you don't have to listen anymore!

You deserve a calm mind. ✨


What time of day do you find your mind filled with negative or unhelpful thoughts?

Notice when the clouds roll in ☁️

Paying attention to the patterns of your mind is a great way to start to change those patterns.

If you notice you feel most filled with unhelpful thoughts in the morning, that's when you need a new routine for transitioning from sleep to waking.

If you notice more negativity during working hours, you may need to find some ways to bring some Self Care to your work day.

If the unhelpful thoughts roll in at night when sleep eludes you, some comforting habits before bed might be just what you need!

Try and keep your Journal handy so you have somewhere to dump those negative thoughts when they come!


You can't control what thoughts come into your mind, but you decide how long to let them stay there.

📖 Journal prompts:

How long do you let negative thoughts live in your mind?

How long do you hang on to positive thoughts?

Are you happy with how your thoughts pass through your mind?


What are the thoughts that intrude into your mind and make you feel bad about yourself?

Take a deep breath, it's time to face the negativity. ⛑

Grab what you need to be comfortable (music, pajamas, candles, tea, puppies) and make some time to acknowledge the painful thoughts that have been bothering you.

Deep breath in. And Exhale.

Start writing all the thoughts that enter your mind and make you feel bad, sad, down. Any and all unhelpful thoughts that have wormed their way into your mind lately.

Let them pour from your pen and slap onto the page. Don't worry about spelling or beauty or grammar.

Just leech those thoughts like a poison.

Then walk away. Turn the page. Just move on. Go take care of yourself and leave these pages behind. 📖


Not all thoughts are true. Ignore the hurtful ones, they're probably lies.

Time to root out the liars (those dirty, dirty cheats of the world) 🔍🔥

Your mind is amazing, your brain is brilliant, and you are stunning!

That said, not every thought that passes between those perfect ears of yours is true. So stop believing it!

Become curious about your thoughts when they cross your mind. Start fact checking those meanies.

And if the truth hurts? Ignore it! 🔥🤣


Write a list of the most painful thoughts that come into your mind unwelcome.

Burn the list.

Let's burn this motha' down! 🔥

In all seriousness, the act of writing out painful thoughts can help heal our brain. Our thoughts WANT our attention, and while many can be ignored and will go away, others need to be fought head on.

If the idea of tearing a sheet out of your journal to burn terrifies you, here are some alternatives:

🔥 write your list on a scrap piece of paper so you can burn it

🎨 write your list in your journal and then cover it with stickers, washi tape, or scrapbook paper until you can't see the negativity anymore

What thoughts are you ready to burn?


Think of your thoughts as invitations, and be sure to RSVP "no" to events that suck.

Request denied! ✨🙅🏽‍♀️

Some thoughts make you feel bad, sad, worthless, hopeless, inferior. These are the jury duty, unpaid work meeting, DMV appointment invitations.

Some thoughts make you feel good, happy, valuable, hopeful, worthy. These are the best friend's birthday brunch, spa day, stationary shopping spree invitations.

Which events do you have time for?

Journaling prompt: make a calendar for your thoughts and fill it in with what you hope to think about each day! 😊🗓


Unhelpful thoughts happen. Forgive yourself, let them go, and refocus.

Plants grow where you water them 🌿

Don't give more attention to unhelpful thoughts. Thinking about painful, negative, unhelpful thoughts just forms pathways in your mind to continue thinking in that same way.

Practice forgiveness, and let those negative thoughts float on by.

You are more than your passing thoughts! ♥️


Imagine your thoughts are like clouds. Notice as they pass, then let the unhelpful ones float on by.

Do you judge the clouds for forming? ☁️

You are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are not you.

You are SO much more!

So when you see dark clouds coming in, observe them from afar. Don't invite them into your understanding of who you really are.

It's just weather. It will pass.

Sketch out some basic (seriously, don't stress over the shapes) clouds in your Journal today and jot down some of the thoughts that pass by.

Don't judge them, just let them be. Then turn the page. 📖


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